Director CGEE answering a question during a seminar at Nagoya University-Japan
Director CGEE with other Guests at Nagoya University Japan
Dr. Nyamu with other participants and trainers at Nagoya University-Japan.JPG
Dr. Nyamu with other participants during a HeForShe Seminar at Nagoya university-Japan.JPG
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2018 Being A Leader Training Workshop at Kenyatta University
Dr. Nyamu taking to Kericho Campus students
CGEE staff with Kericho campus students
CGEE staff facilitators and students after google digital training
Turkish Ambassador to Kenya Ms Deniz Eke addressing students during Gender week
2018 Being A Leader Training Workshop at Kenyatta University
2018 Being A Leader Training Workshop at Kenyatta University
2018 Being A Leader Training Workshop at Kenyatta University
2018 Being A Leader Training Workshop at Kenyatta University
2018 Being A Leader Training Workshop at Kenyatta University
2018 Being A Leader Training Workshop at Kenyatta University

Consultancy Services

The Center offers Consultancies Services in:

  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Gender training and capacity building

The commitment to ensuring a social sensitive environment and determination to institute activities and action to address issues where men and women are disadvantaged remains very crucial to any government and corporate entity. Gender & Disability mainstreaming is not only a question of social justice, but is necessary for ensuring equitable and sustainable human development by the most effective and efficient means. It is no longer viewed as a “separate question,” but becomes a concern for all policies and programmes and in all organizations; public or private. It is a continuous commitment to improve services and protection to all persons including those with disabilities by providing a conducive environment where they can enjoy their rights as guaranteed in International Laws and Laws of Kenya. Further, the Constitution of Kenya 2010 mandates every institution to mainstream gender and disability in all aspects.

Kenya’s Vision 2030 envisages a nation where women and men enjoy high quality of life and equity. It aims at empowering people with special needs, mainstreaming gender and enhancing support to orphans so as to reduce dependency in all aspects of the society. Gender and Disability Mainstreaming and their monitoring and evaluation has therefore become an increasingly important aspect as organizations critically assess their compliance with Article 27 of the Constitution of Kenya and the Vision 2030 as well as their respective Gender and Disability Policies. This requirement is also guided by the Disability Act 2003 and Article 54 of the constitution of Kenya.
Kenyatta University continues to pursue its commitment to the principle of equal opportunity.

In line with this, Kenyatta University’s 2016 – 2026 Strategic and Vision Plan is guided by the theme “Committed to Creativity, Excellency and Self-Reliance.” This theme is grounded on the principles of inclusiveness and participation, good governance, equity, environmental consciousness and respect for diversity. Over the years, KU has been able to achieve many milestones in its vision of creating a center of excellence that is inclusive and globally competitive. The Center for Gender Equity and Empowerment has been instrumental in ensuring that Kenyatta University is gender compliant in all aspects.  The efforts of the Centre led to Kenyatta University being recognized and awarded as the BEST in Gender and Disability Mainstreaming and Best in Diversity among State and Private Corporations during the 2013 and 2014 awards held at Laico Regency. 

The Centre for Gender Equity and Empowerment offers the following consultancy services:

  1. Gender ;
  2. Development of Gender Policies;
  3. Development of Gender Based Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy;
  4. Gender Gaps Assessment/Impact studies;
  5. Gender Sensitive Research;
  6.  Gender Training;
  7. Development of Gender Sensitive Indicators for programs and projects; and
  8. Gender Monitoring and Evaluation.

The Center is able to achieve this because of its wide pool of experts in gender and development studies. These experts have consulted widely for United Nation (UN) bodies, Government Ministries, International Non-Governmental Organizations and local State and non-state corporations. In view of the above, the Centre believes that excellence will be achieved through recognizing the value of every individual. The aim is to create an environment that respects the diversity of staff by enabling them to achieve their full potential, to contribute fully and to derive maximum benefits and enjoyment from their involvement in life.

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Philomena Mwaura

Dr Florence K. Nyamu, OGW
Director, Centre for Gender Equity and Empowerment


Director, Centre for Gender Equity and Empowerment 
P.O. Box 43844 –00100 GPO
Nairobi, Kenya 
Tel.: +254 20  870 4333
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